Monday, June 15, 2009

Summer lovin' had me a blast!

C.J's and Casey are both playing baseball and loving it! C.J. didn't think he would like playing baseball but once he found out how to play, and that his dad was coaching, he has loved it ever since. I still need to get some pics of Casey at his baseball camp.

Hey batter batter

The boys are really starting to love fishing. When they were littler they just wanted to throw rocks in the water, but now they are enjoying reeling em in!

Fishing buddies!

Even Caitlin is learning to like fishing...unfortunately she is like me and will not touch it!

Casey enjoying a snow cone at the school carnival. Nothing says summer like a multicolored snow cone!

One rainy summer day (of which there have been many!) we went up to the Planetarium at the Gateway mall for some free indoor fun, then stopped at Tucanos for dinner afterwards. The kids favorite thing about Tucanos is this fountain. They have to go get their feet wet in it whenever we go.

Don't slip my little clumsy one ;)

C.J. is a little more sure on his feet!

Casey grabbing an after dinner drink...ewww. I have to say that he has drank from MUCH worse. i.e. my grandpa's stagnate mossy pond with a straw, so this I was fine with!

Caitlin Rose next to many roses both in full bloom!

This is baby Ella. She is my BFF Danielle's new baby. Her 4th baby girl. A couple weeks after she had her, Clint let me go to Cedar City to visit all by myself for 4 days! I held her for hours. She staves off my baby hunger for a little longer now.


Amber said...

So cute! Looks like you guys had lots of fun-you gotta love summer. So much to do together. We need to get together again!

The Holdaway Family said...

Summer is great! I have a feeling that we will be school shopping before we know it!

Unknown said...

We were so suprised and excited to see you guys in the Play up at the Scera! You did a great job it was so much fun! I was hoping to be able to see you after but there was quite a crowd!

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